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Jul 18, 2015
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Received an Adult Male Ghost Mantis alive and healthy from Sarah for cash and trade (Ooth, if ours a successful pairing.)

She promptly answered communications also packing the shipment well and quickly.

No problems at all.

Thanks Sarah!

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Just received a very healthy, well packed Mantis. Thank you so much! Great communication and excellent experience dealing with Sarah K.

I just got a package from Sarah... Great packaging, communication, and delivery as promised... I look forward to ordering from her again... Definitely recommend her.. A+++  Thanks Sarah!

Wonderful order.i ordered 2 Carolina mantis and received and xtra one. Very well packaged,great communication,very professional overall.will buy from her again.i recommend A++++

Thank you again Sarah!

Highly recommend! Super nice and gave me an extra! Packaged very well and everyone arrived safely, one even molted during transit and survived even though he may have a little mantis scoliosis but he's still able to hunt and everything! Very happy with my purchase!

Highly recommended seller. Sent me a sexed pair of ghost mantids and even came with a free hierodula. All healthy and thriving. "A"grade seller.  :D

Received 2 L4 Giant Asian Mantises alive and well just as ordered. Seller was also very helpful and friendly. Would recommend this seller. 

Ordered on Sunday, shipped Monday as promised and arrived Wed promptly. I took a risk this time and went priority mail and both nymphs (Ghost and Indian Flower) arrived healthy and alive!!


Recently received a ghost mantis nymph. Came packaged well and appears very healthy and ate right away. Definitely will order again! Thumbs up in my book! 

My package was very nicely packed and arrived quickly.  Everything arrived safe and happy. Sarah K. was very friendly and promptly answered all my questions. Great seller and service! A+ for sure!

I ordered two fly cultures and 4 ghost nymphs.  They arrived very quickly, all healthy and thriving.  They were packaged very carefully and professionally for safe arrival.  The mantises are quite stunning and very active--they ran all over my hands when I tried to transfer them to their new homes!  Also, each container was labelled with removable tape, so I could transfer the labels to the new containers easily.  This was very helpful as well.  The fly cultures were already producing and had plentiful pupae & larvae as well.  Without having requested, she also provided 2 males and 2 females so I could breed my Ghosts once they get older!  I was super happy to see that.  They are beautiful little babies and very interested in their surroundings.  

On top of all this, the entire set was extremely affordable and I couldn't be more pleased.  I would definitely purchase again and probably will!

Sarah is the BEST!

I posted a need for a date for my male B. Mendica.

Sarah replied with an offer to send me one of her females in trade for an ooth in return if successful. So nice and trusting ?

She shipped her girl all the way across the country in the best packing consideration possible and she arrived in 100% shape!

We stayed in touch every couple days as I would send Sarah updates and she would reply back by rooting me on!


We were successful and have divied up the oothecas ?

I wanted to also mention that Sarah sent me the healthiest blue bottle flies.

A fair, friendly, conscientious and reliable breeder. Check her profile out to find her online Mantis site!

So glad I have Sarah in my network of friends in the hobby...

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Sarah has been awesome so far. She is a great person to talk with and has given me a ton of great advice as a first time owner. I have placed my order and am waiting for the arrival of my mantids next week. Her website is very easy to navigate as well. I will update this when I receive them. Thank you so much Sarah!

Updated 16 March 17:  Received my four babies over two weeks ago now. Still healthy and going strong! Sarah has answered any questions along the way. She has been a great help. I'll continue buying from Sarah for all of my mantis needs!

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I've purchased two different times from her, and she has been amazing both times. She sent four violins my way and all came alive and packed very nicely in consideration to their species and size. She is so kind and quick to respond, with mantids who are clearly taken care of. Thank you, Sarah!

I got a giant aferican stick mantis, the packing was completely out of this world. Wonderful job. The mantis is beautiful, and i love everything about this breeder. Very patient with my anxiety. Thanks sarah and eric.

Did some business with Sarah, was so thrilled!

Great packing, beautiful, healthy mantids. Thank you so very much!