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We had a great order with Sarah.  She helped give us a lot of great information about getting started with mantids.  We ordered 2 Carolinas and 2 Thistles from her that were well packaged.  It was just a great easy way to get started.  Thank you so much Sarah!

I got a few net cages *3* from Panterra pets, and some blue bottled flys. Elsa already had 5 haha. She likes her cage. As does the rest of my mantis's.

Thanks guys,


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I made my first purchase from Sarah and Eric and so glad I did. I ordered 2 ghosts from them and received them Tuesday. They arrived dancing and twerking. They have such a good appetite and this morning I checked on them and one has already molted!  Still waiting on the other 2. Did I mention they sent an extra? lol

My past experience has been with Chinese and Carolinas wild caught so these are my first exotics. Have only seen pictures of ghosts and they are the cutest things in real life. 

They packaged them great, too. 

Thank you for a smooth transaction! No worries doing business with them.


Received Order On:

July 11, 2017

What I Bought:

1x Fruit Fly Starter Culture (D. hydei)

2x Ghost Mantis Nymphs (L3/L4)

Method of Shipping:

Priority Mail Express


I'm gonna start out by saying I am very happy with my purchases!  Sarah is very helpful and was quick to answer my questions.  I don't have much experience ordering live things online so I was concerned about my new pets arriving in good health.  However, now that they are here I know I had nothing to worry about.  The packaging was wonderful, you can go HERE to see some pictures of how my order was packed.  Due to the high summer temperatures, the box was lined with thick  foam and had a cool pack inside.  The mantises were active and looked very healthy.  It was apparent they were well cared for.  The fruit fly culture had already been producing and was full of larvae!  The next day (today) every time I picked up the cup there are new pupae.  I'm so impressed and hope to order more from her in the future.

Sarah is the best.

Top quality shipping and animals

3 Cat Eyes Express w cold pack.

Great to have her in the trade

Thanks again Sarah for everything!

Ordered a ghost and some mantis supplies, everything shipped exactly when it was said and arrived promptly. The ghost was female like requested (thank you!!) and was a little bigger than anticipated but wonderful nonetheless. Great transition, will definitely pick up some more mantises when I have the housing! 

Amazing breeder! I needed a boy for my lady Carolina and it just so happens she had some extra males! Very fair price and she has continued to answer all my questions. The mantis was very well packed and survived 5 and a half days in the hot mail due to USPS screwing up. I CANNOT wait to do my first ever breeding session. Thanks Sarah for helping get started on breeding mantis! And hopefully there will be more breeding in the future...

I believe should be the standard in this community. I've ordered from quite a few different companies already and she has been by far the best. Always ships quickly and packaged perfectly. I never understood the seemingly lack of customer service in this community. I don't know if it's because it's so small or not very difficult to start breeding certain species, but so many companies leaves you something to desire. She will have my business as long as she's open. I heard there was a discount code for members, but I can't find it. Not sure if it's even still running, but I'll continue to give the exemplary company my business. 

Thus far I've made three orders from PanTerra, two that have come in and one preorder (it'll be a week before I can comment on the third, but I doubt the service will be any different). First order was a set of cups and bluebottle fly pupae, and 50 extra pupae were included; thus far absolutely no issue with them hatching too, and they last longer than other places I've ordered from. Second order was a Hierodula ooth, which came expertly packed and in good condition. Definitely recommend.

Received another order of bb flies plus I ordered 3 mesh cubes for my now adult ghosts. I'm sure they're glad to get out of the deli cups. I bought the ghost nymphs from Sarah and Eric back in June and am so delighted all three made it to adulthood. Sarah and Eric are awesome with they're customer service. I'm so happy to be one of their customers. No worries here. Thanks again Sarah and Eric! 


Very excited about the ghosts I received from PanTerra, all alive and healthy =).  They definitely went above and beyond my expectations.  Great packaging, fantastic communication. 

Thanks PanTerra team!

I had a problem with another breeder and asked Sarah a question about a species (Hierodula majuscula) that I had really wanted, but had lost the opportunity to obtain because of the incompetence and lack of customer service skills of the breeder I purchased from. Although Panterra was temporarily sold out, as it seemed to be with so many other breeders at that time, Sarah communicated with me as if I had been a loyal customer for years! Sarah didn't make a single negative comment about the breeder... she was more concerned with giving me good customer service. It was like buying from a friend. A+++

I did buy a H membranacea from Panterra and she is absolutely beautiful. :)  

I received my Congo Green (S. aurea) this afternoon and it is beautiful! The box looked like the carrier kicked it from California to Florida, but all the contents were in perfect condition due to the excellent packaging. I have yet to be disappointed with any of my orders. A+++

I hadn't ordered from Sarah before but I decided to try her bluebottle flies, which is something I order online regularly. They arrived on time and are packaged nicely for storage in a deli cup with air holes. There were also 50 extras in both of my orders. The second one did have a bunch of hatches in transit unfortunately, but that also happened with the seller I have used a lot in the past. It does say on the website that cold packs are included for free as needed though, and I think it would have been beneficial in this case.

With that said, the deli cup packaging made it easy to put the container in the freezer for a bit then pick out the hatched flies and put the unhatched pupae in the fridge. I have certainly dealt with worse in transit hatches before, such as flies roaming free in the box!

Anyway, I do highly recommend PanTerra Pets' pupae. I am going to continue using them going forward.

I recently purchased a Giant Shield (R megaera) and as always, superior specimen, superior packing and customer support. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

? This is why Panterra has a shortcut to their site on my desktop! 

Just received another order of blue bottle pupae, and this time they were very well insulated with a cold pack. No hatches this time. :) Thank you!

Received an order of blue bottle pupae today and she obviously read my note on the order. I was a bit desperate for flies due to some unforeseen circumstances so I asked her not to include a cold pack so that the flies could possibly hatch in transit, or be close to hatching when they arrived. Not only did she omit the cold pack as requested, she also shipped a larger box than usual so that she could put them in a larger deli cup in the event that they did hatch, to give them more room. That was an unexpected and nice gesture! My hungry mantids appreciate that, not to mention the bonus 50 pupae.

Attentive seller!

I just received my regular BBF order today and had not a single hatch during shipment. The last batch of BBF I purchased from PanTerra had an estimated hatch rate of over 90%... and I still have surplus! 

Excellent customer service and fast order processing. That's why I have a shortcut to their website on my home screen. ?


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