Sarah K (PanTerra Pets)


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Received a 5 pack of Hymenopus Coronatus from Sarah and got a free mantis! They arrived healthy and active, ate and drank right away. 

Shipping was fast, and communication was excellent. Package was well insulated; everything was wrapped with newspaper and a heat pack was included.

Super pleased! 5 out of 5

Sarah is awsome! She didn't ship until after holidays (to prevent long time in mail) and did promptly. I ordered via priority, received overnight. I order 100 BBF  pupae, and recieved 150. Packing was excellent. 

I have purchased BB flies from Sarah and they came packaged well and all of them hatched. She even threw in some extras. Highly recommended. Thanks Sarah! 

Just received a Grizzled Mantis (Gonatista grisea) from Sarah @ Panterra. Beautiful healthy specimen as usual. Fast transaction as usual. Heat pack still warm and excellent packaging. 

I placed him in a container with a lichen covered stick and he promptly disappeared, an expert in camouflage already. 😀


Just received ghost nymph from PanTerra Pets today. Arrived healthy, hungry and thirsty 🤪. Very happy with transaction and would order again from PanTerra Pets



On March 21, I received my order of 5 ghost mantis nymphs and a L2/3 Hierodula venosa. They arrived on-time, well-packaged, and all alive and well, and she included an extra ghost nymph. I also order spray bottles and sphagnum moss. I later also ordered deli cups. I am greatly pleased with everything. Even a friendly thank-you comment on the receipt. Top-notch service!! I would definitely do business with her/them again.



Hi again. I ordered a Peruvian Leaf Mantis from Sarah. It arrived on time but had mismolted. She agreed to give me a replacement for which I only had to pay shipping. From now on I will choose the fastest delivery option. I got the replacement a few days ago and it is doing fine! Again, Panterra is a great place!

Received a Peruvian Leaf from PanTerra. Very healthy and probably the most beautiful nymph I've ever purchased. I've been doing business with PanTerra for about a year now and have never been disappointed. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was my first time ordering from Sarah and Eric and it definitely will not be the last time. My order was shipped out quickly and I received it quickly as well. My Golden Giant Asian Mantis nymph was packaged securely and is now enjoying its new home. 

Back in the fall, I purchased 5 ghost mantises and 5 H Venosa. Sadly, even with express shipping, USPS managed to literally run over the mantises with a truck - I got them packaged in a new box with a sticky notifying me of damage, with the deli cups flat as a pancake. Panterra replaced all my mantises and still gave me freebies, and I sent photos back to help with the insurance claim. I hope it got resolved and refunded on her end. She was lovely to work with, and even gave me sexed ghost mantises! (I needed all L5 females, as my entire breeding group had been turned out male). 11/10 service.

I've ordered blue bottle fly pupae and 32 oz deli cups and both arrived in great condition. She even threw in extra and I was really surprised by that. Also I love her little smiley faces on the receipts. TwT Great customer service and answered all of my questions. Sarah made me feel a lot more confident in what I was doing despite being new to the hobby. She was more than willing to take my Carolina ooths and give Mocha's babies homes. For that I shall forever SHAMELESSLY advertise her to anything that moves.