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How about more pics of your bug room Hibiscusmile? And how are some of your breeds doing like the zoolea? I would love some of those!

Finally got my girls mated, put this roach in with her & right away it started to molt, so she got fresh meat!


All cameras are set up to shoot "daylight". Incandescent, fluorescent, as well as deep shade etc can cause a color shift. The use of flash can help over ride this effect. You may have taken your first shot at night so all your light was from whatever light source is in that room. Your second shot might have been taken in the day time when there was the addition of some daylight coming into the room from a window. High end cameras have a setting for this in the custom menu.

I just spent the last day and a half reading through all of this, and it's gonna take me a few more days to pick my jaw up off the floor! You've got a really swanky operation going on here, and I am mega jealous!! You take so much care in everything, too, the sight of your bugtorium brings a tear to my eye :'D

With so many mantids, in so many different stages of life, do you never get to go on vacation? Or do you have folks who are willing to help take care of things if you were ever to leave town for a few days or weeks?

Also, do you have a current favorite individual among your mantis army?

Happyfish, u lost me on the first word?

Bees, I haven't had vacation in long time, every day gotta get up and work. No one wants to work every day. So no help. I do have a daughter in law I can call, but really not worth the

trouble to refresh her mind, if I go to hospital for something, them I will have to have her spend time here. I just plod along doing what I have to.

My fav. it was a little old girl, who lost her arms and she was special. If I find her pic, I will repost it. I think the most fun mantis was the long necks, they have a really neat


Wasn't your favorite named Little Heat? I loved that story so much. I cant find it. Can you post a link to it?

This guy fell yesterday when I was feeding, I really thought he was a gonner. But I hung him up anyways on the cage and forgot about him.

This morning when I went in to feed, he was just hanging on the shelving, good as new! I used the clip to attach one of his legs, turns out his

new leg was already lowered enough it did not hurt it, just caught the old leg.


This thread was so awesome, so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to post all this info.

Rebecca your Bugatorium is so beautiful an organized, thank you for sharing...

I just finished reading through this too and am amazed. I love that you incorporated plants/flowers in each container. They look amazing!! Really nice work!!

I read on another thread "you moved this weekend".. so

Do you have a new bugroom?


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