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Mantis Lady

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Jan 26, 2018
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Today my new addtions to my mantis family arrived healthy: 2 unsexed ghosts and hierodula membranacea female.

I have made their homes ready and fed the new guys. The ghosts grabbed their fruitfies fast and for the hierodula  was only 1 fly ready to be eaten, so i fed her grasshopper abdomen. It was still too big to grab it herself. Handfeeding her was easy,  she grabbed out of my tweezers fast when she tasted it :p all bellies are full.


I like the stripes on her legs. I hope she will keep those. I need to think about a good name for her.


I tried to take a picture of 1 of the ghosts. this blurry thing shows one of them:


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I think I  am going to take a picture of one of my new ghosts. It was surprising me it wasn't that bad at all for a small creature like a L2 ghost.


And its antennea are moving really fast it ended in a blur :p


Think I am going to call it spooky. That name fits a male or female. It is cute

Hmm, what can you name the other one? I am sure you will think of a great name!

- MantisGirl13

Maybe a ghosty name or just "Ghosty" doesn't not show what gender they are, you can help me to show their genders when they are l4 ;)

Spooky molted last night. It is a lot bigger than Ghosty. I think he will be having a big appetite tomorrow because his abdomen is flat.


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