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Pic of fresly molted Sheralynn.What was surprising me was her long wings. She is beautiful❤️

I just buried Liyana in my garden. She has a nice resting place now.

After a couple of days Sheralynn  turned brown. but she is still beautiful.

Here she is climbing my desk christmas tree.


Sheralynn isn't a very big eater. I put a grasshopper with her yesterday and it still lives. I don't think she will be that fat like Nefertiti. Nefteritie sees movement and grabs prey fast. Sheralynn not. Her shape of her abdomen is very slender like a male but she is really a female :p

Nope, I think she will be able to fly for the rest of her life. For a female she has long wings covering her butt.. I have put another grasshopper with her so she can hunt it when she gets hungry.

Nefertiti is fat again. I hope she will give me another piece of mantis art.(ooth)she is my oldest mantis i ever had. I am proud of her. I hope she stays a bit longer with me

i am thinking should i get a pair of ghosts or a pair of creoboters. I want a new bird too. dilemmas🤔🤣

I don't know excatly how old she is. But she gave me 2 ooths, so for me she is old. the bigger mantids were sadly enough eggbound and that eats a chunk out of their life spans


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