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Good news!

Spooky gave me an ooth today!😊 I am proud of my girl.

I don't know it is fertile, but will I keep it👍She is a lot thinner now. It is my first ooth. I hope my other 2 girls are going to give me one too.


Good news!

Spooky gave me an ooth today!😊 I am proud of my girl.

I don't know it is fertile, but will I keep it👍She is a lot thinner now. It is my first ooth. I hope my other 2 girls are going to give me one too.


- MantisGirl13 

Ty :) ,

I have taken the ooth out of Spookies cup and placed it on its own cup as Spooky has laid it. Need to put back a new popsicle stick for Spooky to lay on again. Now wait if it will give me babies in a couple of weeks. Spooky was hungry she ate  just at a baby grasshopper. she grabbed it out of my tweezers🤣

Some bad news: Alana and Rytlock died sadly enough. Rytock I was lost for days. Last friday my dog found him. Hubby was at home and removed him and put him back on my desk. he was totally stressed. I gave him honey water so he got fluids in him. He seemed to recover at first, but the next day he was laying on his back :(

Spooky didn't hunt after prey since her ooth, so I am a bit force feeding her so she get food inside her. This works. gladly enough. Putting goo on her mouth works. I hope she will give me more ooths and live long. Ayaweya stil didn't lay an ooth for me. Despite branches I put wih her. She is very cranky lately.

The little ones I have left are doing fine. Hera (spdromantis gastrica) molted yesterday and has grown a lot. Neferiti, 1 of the budwings molted too. She is the same size as Hercules again. 1 molt to go they don't need fruitflies anymore.


Hera hunting baby grasshoppers.

Yup, we keep trying.👍 the ones we lost we keep in our hearts❤️ I am happy with the 2 photo books I have. I never forget the mantids that died.

I lost Ayaweya. She never laid an ooth. Xena died because she couldn't keep water and food in her after her last molt. I will miss them.

Spooky laid a mini mini ooth because somehow she didn't had an appetite, but the last 2 days she grabs her food: mine! she eats gooed now, and hopefully she will lay a normal one for me.



Spooky laying her mini mini ooth. I replaced it with a fresh popsicle stick. I don't think there are eggs in it.

Today a I got a mini mini ooth of Spooky again.🤔 Think she wants something to eat again this evening.

Spooky is the last surving member of adults I had. I have 4 mantids left,  but they are doing well.

The 2 budwings and a h. membranacea, are all moved to bigger prey: babygrasshoppers  so no FF anymore

Keep spooky a bit cooler. If kept really warm, ghosts will produce small ooths every few days. If she’s kept a bit cooler, she should lay a large ooth once a week.

- MantisGirl13 

We had a heatwave last week and we don't have an airco. it was indeed hot at my place higest temp that I saw in my home was 29,5 at 1 am  when I went to bed. But gladly it is cooling now.  too hot for me and Spooky too. Spooky didn't lay anything today. So I hope I will get a normal ooth soon. She has a good appetite now.

At some places at my country it was even 40C 😵 :blink:

And Garona molted today. She had a good molt.👍 I prefer molts now than during the long drive next week. Next week we go camping.

i had to say goodbye to Spooky on my first day of vacation. She is burried there.

I made some nice pics of them in my vacation  I  show later. I think they enjoyed the sun much. Garona and Nefertiti got both wild prey I caught.

it was a nice, lazy vacation with a lot of reading books and a lot of bbqs

She was the oldest mantis I had. I will miss her. I don't think her ooth will hatch. I would have loved to see her little babies. I took the ooth with me on vacation.


Liyana hunting her dinner. But now she won't eat. She needs to molt soon. She has very swollen wingbuds at the moment.


Nefertiti is very fat. I hope she will lay an ooth soon.

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