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Some good news: Neferiti gave me an ooth today. Too bad it is an infertile ooth because she is not mated.  She wasn't eating for a few days. Her grasshopper was just sitting ther on one of the brances i put in there. But her ooth is big:


She is thin now. What is the best time for feeding her again? Tomorrow? I think she will be very very hungry.


Liyana molted to adulthood but her wings didn't dry very well. She has to live with it.


i was at the pet shop today for fresh grasshoppers and bird stuff for Cochise and I boufg myself a Polyspilota Aeruginnosa female. You can keep them at room temperature. I think she is a L5, but not sure. They couldn't tell me what instar she is. She is very jumpy :p And curious. I named her Sheralynn.

Meet here my newest girl:


Yeah, I didn't expect the ooth to be so big. It was really a surprise when I came home en seeing this ooth being made. I gave her a grasshopper this evening and it was devoured in no time :p

She is like I know her: a bottomless pit😁

I removed the ooth.  she can lay a new one there. Thinking what to do with it. Maybe collecting in a jar or something, like the skins🤔 What are you doing with the unfertitized ooths?  I still have Spookies ooth too. Sadly enough it never hatched.

Nefertiti is very fat again and Liyanas abodemen is growing too. I hope they both will give me ooths :)   Little Sheralynn might molting soon. Her belly looks still full

When I was cleaning the dubia box I saw little dubia babies walking there. think I got 20-30 dubia babies. I never intended to breed them, but I think they mated during the heatwave. I hope they grow fast so i can feed them to Sheralynn. think they are still to small for Sheralynn to see them as food.

Sheralynn molted last night. I went to the WC and saw Sheralynn molting. She has grown a lot. She need to move to a bigger home soon. This one is too small now.


Nefertiti is ready again to lay an ooth  again, I hope. She is still eating like she is starving.


Liyana is eating well too. I hope she will give me a nice ooth too.

Nefertiti gave me last night a new piece of mantis art: she laid an second ooth for me: it is smaller than her first ooth.

I am hoping Liyana lays one soon too. She is very fat at the moment.


What are you doing with the unfertitized ooths? 
I keep the unfertilized ooths for a bit - usually with the molts. Caleb usually grabs them, plays with them for a bit, leaving one under the couch, or another on a table. I just throw them out then. Truth be told, i don't see many unfertilized ooths anymore. If some don't hatch that should have, after a few months, I dissect to see what was going on inside.

I just read this whole stream. This is really from a heartfelt mantis owner. My male ghost is taking forever to molt. His name is Casper. Once he molts he will mate my female Mandarin!


Liyana likes to explore. ze found a place to sit on the home of my hissing roaches. I hope she will somewhere lay an ooth. i dont care where. she only has to lay one. You can see her abdomen under her misformed wings. She is very fat. The hissers are safe in there. ;) She can't reach them.

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Liyana never laid an ooth and now she is dying...  The sides of her abdomen are turning blackish. Is she rotting alive? I have to let her go..... poor girl....she was a good gentle mantis....


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