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Oct 26, 2012
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McHenry Illinois
I just received some more hex containers from rebecca/ mantisplace . Super fast shipping and I love these containers. I ordered Hydei and they are still teeming with flys. I also ordered a childrens book and mantid toys which are great for the preschoolers. Thanks Rebecca :)

Just received more xl hex containers and more hydei.. superfast shipping and the containers are awsome

I just realized I've never left feedback here. I order most of my shipping supplies from Mantisplace and have nothing but good things to say.

A+ as always

Just got my 3rd or 4th order from Rebecca LoL and kept forgetting to post here, every order as gone smooth with super fast shipping this last order was a big order and she came through and even through in a couple extras, She is a great person to deal with and answers all questions fast,, already placed another order because I forgot some stuff LoL

Thanks again!!!!

Got some Hydei and Stable flies, and she even threw in a few House flies for my L3's to try so I can find out if they are ready for them or not. She answered all of my questions promptly, everything was packed great, and came really fast! Very happy with my order. Thanks Mantis Place/Rebecca! ;) I will definitely order from you again.

Won some free flies from Rebecca in a photo thread. They arrived really quickly and I didn't even have to pay for shipping. Thanks for the break from catching wild food, Rebecca. My area's biodiversity thanks you.

Rebecca sent us flies for a trade,and as always were well packed,arrived fast,and she even threw in some HFs which we didn't ask for,but appreciated,many Thanxx

Ordered a package of Repashy Super Fly food for my FF. She was out but sent me a pound of her own personal reserve! Also my FF culture was sent pretty fresh (not too many hatching yet) so she threw in another one for free! Great containers and wonderful stuff to culture feeders with! Love the service, A++

Always available to talk to, I will be back again and again.

Ordered the experimental hatched flies for free. They arrived healthy and very much alive. The experiment was a success!!! Thanks Rebecca :)

Ordered some house flies and bee pollen. Fast shipping and incredible hatch rate on the flies. :)

I've had mixed experiences with her. Mantises going in and out of stock strangely and an incorrect mantis sent to me. She sent me what I believe to be a Miomantis binotata or similar instead of Pseudoharpax virescen which are two very distinctly different mantises. It took two communications, each with photographs of the mantis in question before she finally agreed she had sent me the wrong mantis. She said she didn't have any of them but they have remained listed as "in stock" during the whole affair through now. This took place some months back.

She does deliver quickly with usually a good attitude and on my first order included a 'mystery mantis' which was a completely delightful surprise.

If she didn't have a better selection than mantispets I wouldn't be doing business with her anymore though. At the end of the day I need the mantis species I ordered and this mistake was pretty obvious.


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