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As I told you the ooth received was id wrong. Some ooths look like other speices. Never having seen the species I had no idea on what they were. Hope you got some nice photos though!

Very disappointed with my most recent order...

On Thursday, November 28, I placed an order for some containers, some GOLD Hydei cultures, fly pupae, and a 72-hour heat pack.

The package was shipped Monday and arrived yesterday(not bad on shipping time). Upon inspecting the contents of the package I found that 1)I was sent an OPENED heat pack(######?!) and 2)I was sent BLACK Hydei, not the gold ones I ordered. The black ones are smaller than the gold ones AND they're creepy-looking as heck(I REALLY don't like them).

I contacted Rebecca and explained the issues and said that I needed that heat pack ASAP to be able to ship some mantids to my brother as a Christmas present because I wanted to beat the Christmas shipping rush(which could result in them being stuck in the mail longer and dying). I also said that I received the incorrect FF. The excuse I received for the heat pack was unbelievable...she thought I wanted the heat pack to be used for the flies I ordered and didn't want to hold up my package by contacting me to see if I really wanted the packet itself or if I wanted it opened and used for the flies. Ummm...I placed my order on THURSDAY and it wasn't shipped until MONDAY. There was no excuse not to contact me and find out what I wanted done!

As for the flies, I was told that they were out of stock, even though the site clearly said(and still says) that they're available.

I was offered new flies and a heat package when I placed my next order, which is nice, but I don't need a heat packet when I place my next order, I need it NOW, as I'd already explained!

I repeated that I needed the heat packet NOW and asked why she wasn't sending the replacement and was told that she'd be glad to send it, if I pay $5+ for shipping. Excuse me?! First off, it's less than $1 to ship something that small in an envelope and secondly, *I* was not the one who made the mistake, so why should I be the one to pay for it?!

So, yeah, very bad experience and I have asked for a refund for the heat pack and will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

Prices? Good. Shipping speed? Good. Customer service? Awful.

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I know we are not to use this for discussion but just for a quick reply.

I never told you the hydei were out of stock. I said in our pms " the black were the only ones ready,

the gold had not hatched".

The gold were just maggots and not even visible in the cultures as they were fresh made. I did not

have extra adults to send with the culture either. The black were all I had that had adults to send, sorry they freaked you out as you said!

You did not ask me to resend the heat pack right away, so I assumed you got another 1 to use.

When I get orders near the weekend I set the feeder ones aside when packing on

Sunday, as live insects only get packed the day they are shipped. I do not pack them the day before

to give them less time in the dark packages. (They may not care, but I don't know that, so I use extra caution with live things.)That's what I ment when I said I did not want to hold up your feeder order.

When I seen you added a heat pack I assumed you were more concerned then some people and

it was to protect the fruit flies. The temps were in the teens last week & I do advise it on my site to order heat packs in bad weather and as I said in the pm, I did debate with myself on weather to open the heat pack or not. I am sorry I did not read the order better ahead of time so I could of email you, it was my mistake and I am sorry you had a bad experience with me.

Just for the record, Black and Golden Hydei are the same size, they are both very inbred strains in order to breed for both flightless and the color. In the temps described the heatpack issue was completely understandable infact I can tell you they will not make priorty shipping alive without it.

And so you know in all the invert and herp hobby covering shipping whether a return, replacement or whatever is common practice.

If a vendor messes up and order, they are the ones to pay for the costs of the mistake, not the customer. That's just good customer service. I was an online vendor for many years and I would have NEVER told a customer that they would have to pay the shipping costs for an item, especially if it was something that I could have put in an envelop and shipped out for the cost of a stamp.

Also, if a heat pack was required for shipping in order to ensure that the feeders would arrive alive, then that should be included in the shipping costs or there should be some type of notification saying that it is recommended/required. Had I not ordered a heat pack, would they have arrived dead and would I have been blamed?!...

Nonetheless, I've found a different place to order feeders from now on and will be taking my business elsewhere.

Just received my bbflys, nymph supplies, and hydei flys. I was desperate for hatched flys, so Rebecca labeled the oldest pupae for me so I would know which was what :) They hatched out the next day and now I have some very happy mantids. Also. I ordered pins for Christmas presents and I couldn't find them and drove Rebecca crazy for a couple of days :/ She was extremely helpful and I finally found them in the box, doh.........Great comunication and feeders :)

As I told you the ooth received was id wrong. Some ooths look like other speices. Never having seen the species I had no idea on what they were. Hope you got some nice photos though!
Just posting my experiences. I am frustrated by the miomantis but you do have the better selection. The gambian is still listed as in stock. Do you have them now or is this left over still from before?

I updated the site, but one and one is having trouble so I can only work in a few areas on it. No Gambians from me, but I have seen some ads on here I thought.

Rebecca's bbflys ways hatch for me within a day or so. Thank you Sooooo much! Lots of mantids waiting on these yummy flys.

Received my package of feeders (blue bottle, house flies, superworms) today. Everything looks good and is well packaged!

*Note: I was actually a little surprised to see the package. I placed the order on Wednesday (received package Monday) and have been waiting for a shipping confirmation/tracking number, but never received the info. I frequently checked the Delivery Status on the website but it still doesn't say anything. I like to have tracking for all my live shipments because some don't do well in the cold, and I wouldn't want them to hatch in the mail.

Shipping was prompt as well! Will buy again : )

Received my feeders today. It is -3 f here in IL They arrived all toasty warm and I am sure, very yummy and delicious. Outstanding product and service :)

Totally forgot to write a review!

Received my shipment of fly pupae last Wednesday. Order was placed over the weekend and Rebecca promptly shipped the order out on Monday. Good quality pupae! All of them have started to hatch like usual. Oddly the larger flies hatch faster o_O

Rebecca is now officially my sole source of fly pupae :3 Keep the good work up!

Thanks to Rebecca's fast response and quick shipping, I can go on vacation without worrying about my "mantis-sitter" running out of food for my critters! Thanks.

Received my 8-Idolomantis from Rebecca and they're all doing well...

Great service, advice & mantis husbandry supplies from

She comes well recommended by me

Just absolutely awesome ^^ Full 32 oz cup of maggots. All wriggling, alive, and just gross! Thanks again Rebecca~

Rebecca went above and beyond to take care of me.I got spikes and pupae and I'm up to my ears in flies! Good thing I discovered my day geckos love them too, so there will never be too many ;)

Thanks Rebecca!

I ordered from Rebecca's overstock sale and she loaded up the cups.They all arrived in great condition! I will be doing business with her again for sure! Thanks Rebecca!