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I burned through my last order of flies surprisingly fast, so I decided to purchase 1000 BB pupae and 1000 HF pupae this time. As always, Rebecca hooked me up with fast shipping, the forum user shipping rate discount, and a flawless transaction overall. I'm now flush with tons of huge, juicy flies and my mantids and I couldn't be more pleased--thanks again!

I received an order from Rebecca that wasn't fully complete. After contacting her she immediately remedied the situation. Rebecca is a sweetheart and now my mantids are enjoying their wonderful flies! A joy to always order from her. Thanks Rebecca!

And I, too, received a partial order that was immediately shipped out when I notified her. Great fly pupae, Thanks, Rebecca!

I've now received thousands of BB and housefly pupae from Rebecca and I must say that hers are the best of any I've ever purchased, as they consistently hatch at near 100% rates and the flies that emerge are huge and juicy! On top of that, she ships them immediately (often the same day if you order Mon-Weds) and packages them carefully, not to mention that they're extremely reasonably priced (especially with the forum member shipping discount). Until the day I stop keeping mantids, mantisplace will be the only place I buy my flies--THANKS!

Not only is mantisplace great for fly pupae, it's also a one stop shop for all your mantis-related-supply needs, many of which are hard to find elsewhere. For example, I just purchased extra large 80oz nymph cups, humidity foam inserts, corrugated cardboard, saw dust, and a large container of pre-made fly food, all for less than $40, and Rebecaas was kind enough to throw in 500 free BB pupae when I made a last minute request to purchase some and have it added to my order before she shipped it off! :D All of this was in addition to the lightning fast communication, quick/careful/reasonably priced shipping, and overall excellent service that she provides on a consistent basis. Very pleased as always--thank so much!

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Got my first order from Mantisplace Wednesday 32oz insect cups, house flies, and bluebottle flies very smooth transaction and very good price. She has a super selection of feeders and containers.

Thank you Rebecca ?☺ 

As per usual, Mantis Place scores big with me!  I was drowning in sinensis nymphs and requested the most established fly cultures.  They arrived on time and absolutely thriving.  THOUSANDS of melanogastor, gliders and hydei + extras!  I was able to add flies to my own exhausted cultures (now thriving) and am continuing to have a bazillion for my babies!!  Can't thank you enough Rebecca!  

I usually buy supplies from her.just yesterday received a ghost mantis from her.arrived very healthy and active.she also added a small cup of house flies which came in handy both my violin and ghost loves them! Will order another mantis very soon.thank you Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Just received my package from and I'm extremely pleased. The communication was very fast and the package arrived super quick!  Will definitely order from here again.

Just received my first order of housefly and false stable fly pupae from Rebecca. High quality and robust feeder insects with incredibly fast shipping! I mean fast- she shipped my feeders within hours of placing the order even during the holiday season. Seriously impressed and my mantids are very happy for their New Years treats! Thank you Rebecca!

I'm new to the hobby but I've ordered from Rebecca twice now.  The first order was just 100 stable fly pupae, and there were actually closer to 225 in there.  I didn't even realize until towards the end of the hatching period when I pulled the unused ones out to hatch.

My second order arrived today (both came very fast).  I ordered a few 32oz cups with cloth lids and 100 more stable fly pupae.  I saw that there was a deal to get a few free fake flowers if you buy a container and I added a note asking for those, if the cups I ordered counted towards it.  I said that if they don't count, then it's fine, since I wasn't actually sure.  She emailed back right away saying that they don't, but that she'll send some anyway.  I got four bags of assorted fake flowers and plants, which was more than I expected!  I haven't counted this order of stable fly pupae but it looks similar to the last so I'm sure there are over 100 again.

Thank you!

I've bought all my cups, foam, and misters from Rebecca. I also ordered 500 house fly pupae for my little darlings and they hatched ASAP--great! Everything is great quality and arrives in fantastic condition. It ships very quickly, which is awesome. I'm completely new to the hobby and Rebecca makes it so easy to get their food and supplies.

Thanks Rebecca!

Ive ordered from mantisplace a few times so far and she has by far the best fruit fly cultures. I highly recommend her cultures and feeder insects!

I have ordered fly pupae from Rebecca countless times and have never been anything but 100% satisfied. She always ships out promptly, sends me a tracking number right away and packages extremely well. High quality feeders and solid hatch rates. I absolutely appreciate your stellar customer service, thank you for all that you do!!

I have only ordered supplies and feeders from because the live mantis prices were always quite high.  But you cant beat her prices for supplies/feeders and I never had an issue with any orders i received from her.  I just wish the website was more optimized for scrolling and listing.

Just ordered another batch of blue bottle flies from her last week.  The pupae always arrive promptly, are well packed, have a high hatch rate, and are priced well.  She's also one of the few sources I know that actually offers fruit fly pupae. I ordered these a year or so ago because I wanted to introduce some new flies into my cultures, and also because I curious to see how that was even possible! I'm guessing it's a fair amount of work because they were all separated from wherever they had pupated and were in a little cup.  It worked out really well too.  I was leaving for a 5 day trip and I had about half a dozen L2 or L3 nymphs at the time.  I sprinkled a dozen or so little pupae into their enclosures and they hatched randomly over the next day or so...keeping my nymphs well-fed over the period.  

Anyhow...Mantisplace is a no-brainer for me when it comes to feeders, feeder-related supplies and enclosures.     

Received 500 BBF pupae and 500 house fly pupae from Rebecca, or Mantisplace. All packaged well and arrived in a timely manner. They're hatching out now and looks to be good hatch rate. Will definitely be back soon!

BEFORE READING THIS: Let me preface this review by saying that had ordered this package during a relatively hot week, which may possibly have affected the results.

I ordered some bottle flies, house flies, and other smaller species of fly. They arrived in a smallish box, and unfortunately a lot of houseflies had escaped the packaging and died, and many were in the process of hatching/ had died in their containers. The Ice pack was no longer warm, and the smell of the media from the larger baggies with flies smelled really strongly of your trash can. Right now I have about thirty of the flies that were okay in a mesh cube ready to be fed to mantises. A small baggie had pupa that haven't hatched yet, so I'm hoping they're salvageable. 

Sorry to hear that, if you pm me I can help replace them. I do this once for a customer as ordering is usually a new experience and

sometimes we don't order insulation and cold packs to help them survive. But even that sometimes doesn't help. I can't see your

order as I don't know your name.  Last week was hellish here, each day over 90F and I actually took packages to po as it was to

hot to let them take in their truck, but doesn't seem like even that helped.


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