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I’ve been ordering blue bottle flies for years. Hatch rates of pupae and spikes are always solid, shipping good, and timely. Recommend for flies for sure!

I've ordered flies from Mantisplace a couple times now and unfortunately I've been disappointed. Not in the quality of the flies - they've hatched out just fine - but in the packaging and media the pupae come in. It smells so bad and gets everywhere due to being packaged in mesh bags! Pupae from other suppliers are generally sifted out of the growing media so they don't have much smell. They're also sent in plastic containers that contain any media if it's included. With Mantisplace I've got to clean my entire kitchen counter after transferring from the mesh bags to other containers, and my hands still smelled like manure after washing twice. It seems like an easily avoidable issue. Like I said, the quality of flies is good, so a different packaging method would definitely entice me to order from them again.

Sorry about the smell and mess. They are put into cornflour which helps hide the smell which is worse than without it of ammonia.  The bags are for their air, as in some containers they foam due to the heat they give off, so all efforts are used to keep them dry. X time you order, if you do, order a cup they will fit in with a cloth lid, and leave a comment to place them in the cup. The small flat rate box is the cheapest way to send them so you get them in a couple days instead of a week. The only container that will fit in that box is the 8 oz containers. 

Got my first order of 200 house fly pupae and supplies from Rebecca, everything was quickly shipped out and arrived in great condition! Within a few days, lots and lots of flies started hatching and the mantids absolutely love them. Super happy, will definitely order again in the future. Thank you, Rebecca! :)
I ordered a DIY waxworm colony from her and everything arrived safe and sound. I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. However I do wish they instructions were a little more through. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do with the honey-glycerin syrup and how often to use it. The lids that came with the enclosure don’t quite fit as well. You really have to force them on. Other than these little details, I’m quite satisfied with my purchase.
I was getting some feeders for my first set of mantids, and had a whole bunch of questions. Floundering, I contacted Rebecca (hers was the website I was browsing, found through this forum). She answered all my questions right away, and was so friendly and helpful! I ended up getting two Cup of Flies, with house and blue bottle flies. And an extra pack of food for them. They arrived yesterday, packed wonderfully. I love the cups and will definitely be using them in the future! I already have a whole bunch of blue bottle hatching today, which will make my leaf children very happy. Rebecca even included some extra house flies, which was fabulous for me as I'm just starting out!

I will definitely be ordering from mantisplace in the future, and cannot recommend enough!!
Returning to the hobby after a long hiatus, I was happy to see MantisPlace was still going strong; I last ordered from Rebecca in 2015! I just received some false stable fly pupae and they arrived in great condition. I’m 100% returning to Rebecca when ordering supplies and feeders from here on out. Nothing but good experiences from my orders!
I ordered some house flies from Rebecca about a week ago. Her prices are very good for flies! I can't find any other places as cheap as mantisplace for houseflies. The housefly pupae I left out at room temperature are hatching and I am feeding them to my mantises now. The rest I am keeping in the refrigerator to keep the pupae dormant to use later.
In the couple of years that I have been dealing with Rebecca, she has been great. She always has quality product, ships fast and communication is great. Any problem I've had with any of my orders, she makes it right. She operates a needed business for our hobbies and we need to show our support for her hard work. Thank you Rebecca...